Clouds and Xerociris wilsonii

 The morning started off with some cool clouds. Just love the patterns. 

Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva aurea)

Five-banded Thynnid Wasp (Myzinum quinquecinctum)

This is a Wilson’s wood-nymph moth (Xerociris wilsonii) caterpillar. It is the 30th record in the US and a new record for Wise County. Last year, Jeanne found one on her place in Montague County (the 28th record in US and also new for the county).

The paddle-shaped setae (the hairs sticking up) are awesome!

I found probably 8 or so. Their host plant is Cow-itch (Cissus incisa).

You never know what you can find!


  1. Love the cats, going to try to raise a couple of them. But now I got to gather food for them. They are voracious eaters. No dermatitis from the Cow-itch…yeah

  2. Mary’s blog is phenomenal. I’m going to send it to Esperonza for kids virtual learning. Thank her for doing this and for you passing it on to me. 🥰

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