Not getting much rain here, mostly just light to heavy mist.

Misty on the prairie

The above two photos are of Western Horse Nettle (Solanum dimidiatum), but I wonder why the water droplets did not stick at least to the wrinkly ones?
Eryngo (Eryngium leavenworthii)

Funnel spider web
The mist did not stop the water striders (Gerridae) from mating.  

Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense)

Green-lip Ladies-tresses (Spiranthes lacera var gracilis)

Plains Nipple Cactus (Escobaria missouriensis)
Snow-on-the-Prairie (Euphorbia bicolor)

Praying Mantis egg case and spider web

Greeneyes (Berlandiera betonicifolia)

Indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans)

Blue Salvia (Salvia azurea) was curious. The water droplets were on the the underside of petal.

Nice day for water droplets!

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