Wake up!

Sleep Daisy (Xanthisma texanum var drummondii) not awake yet.
They woke up around 11:30am
But some still are sleeping

The morning dew highlights this Bowl and Doily Weaver or Cup N Saucer spider (Frontinella pyramitela) web. Only two species in North America and the other one is only in Arizona. The spider is about 4mm (1/8″)

Some assembly needed on this mushroom 😉
 Four O’clock I (Mirabilis)

Dropped the flower.
Open for seed release (the seed is the brown thing in the middle)
Green-lip Ladies-tresses(Spiranthes lacera var. gracilis) are back! This orchid is the first one for me to show up in the fall. Maybe it means fall is here to stay. Fingers crossed.

Notice how the flowers spiral around. 

Close up the the green lip.
And I found a total of 3 of these! One near the house was new!

So wake up and be looking!

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