Cool and wet day

Wow, love this cool day and the rain. We have gotten .8 inch but I have heard some of you got 1.5 inches. Just wonderful!

Before the rain came this morning, I found this dead luna moth. Its wing span was about 4 inches. I don’t see them real often and the caterpillars even less.

The horse apple comes from the Bois d’arc or Osage orange tree(Maclura pomifera). Horses do like to  eat them but apparently you should not let them  according to the Flora of North Central Texas(page 831). I do know squirrels like to eat them.

Four-O’clock (Mirabilis). Flowers do not stay on for long.
This is what the Four-O’clock looks like after the flower falls off. The seed is the brown thing in the middle.

Enjoy the rainy day! I did 🙂


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